1. The COMPETITION – Part I: “Selections”  2021


Who can apply?

When to apply?

How to apply?

Mandatory pieces to submit

Application validation




Live audition



2. The COMPETITION – Part II : “Finale”  2022







Per diem





Right to image and sound







Dates, places and cities of auditions for preselected candidates











PARIS OPERA COMPETITION is an international opera competition organized every 2 years in Paris to reveal and promote young opera singers’ career.

During the Final in Paris, candidates are judged by the jury and the audience while performing a whole concert with staging and orchestra.

The next Finale of the Competition will take place on Saturday January 22nd, 2022 at the National Opera of Paris, the Palais Garnier, at 19h30.


  1. The COMPETITION – Part I: “Selections” 2021


Who can apply?

Singers less than 34 years old at the date of the Competition (January 22nd, 2021), artists born after 01/22/1987.

This competition is not opened to finalists of a previous PARIS OPERA COMPETITION. 


When to apply?

From January 1st, 2020 to January 2nd, 2021 at 23h59 GMTON LINE


How to apply?

ON LINE  www.ciopera.com


Mandatory pieces to submit

- Copy of passport in process of validation

- 1 recent photography color (minimum 400 dpi) copyright free

- 1 CV including studies, professional experience and repertoire (English or French)

- 1 updated biography (English or French) - 10 lines maximum

- Mandatory: 2 VIDEO recordings of opera arias in the original language from 2 different periods, 2 styles and 2 languages. (See details in the Music Program). 

- Optional: 1 third VIDEO recording of the French opera repertoire. (See details in the Music Program)

ATTENTION! Video recordings must be of excellent quality with high definition of image and sound with 720P minimum. Singers must be filmed full foot. Video recordings mustn’t have been shot before 2019.

IMPORTANT! Applying to the Competition implies a commitment of the candidate to sing at a live audition in case of preselection. Place, date and hour of audition will be notified by email.


Application validation

The candidates receive by e-mail the validation of their application. Each candidate is responsible for the completion of the application in due time and must keep a copy of the application file. PARIS OPERA COMPETITION cannot be hold responsible for any incomplete application.

 The application fee of 50€ will not be reimbursed under any circumstances.

Candidates chose two audition places and dates by order of preference as soon as they apply online.





The application forms will be examined by the artistic direction of PARIS OPERA COMPETITION for a pre-selection.  

The artistic direction won't comment on the applications. 



The candidates who have been preselected will be informed by email by the end of April and summoned to a live audition in one of the two cities indicated in their application form. All travel costs for this audition are at the candidate’s expenses. 

If preselected, the candidates prepare and send to the administration a program of 4 opera arias – info@ciopera.com. They will sing two opera arias by heart et will bring their own scores or bound photocopies for the accompanist. They can come with their own accompanist, at their expense. They choose the first aria to sing then the jury decides which aria for the second and exceptionally the third aria.

Live auditions are fully filmed.

Under the authority of the artistic direction, live auditions videos are submitted to an artistic committee of professionals that will evaluate and score each performance.



At the end of the application process, 9 candidates are selected for the Final of the Competition, all ranges of voices combined. For each range of voice, two other candidates are selected in case of cancellation by one of the candidates.

Final results will be announced via e-mail and on PARIS OPERA COMPETITION’s website www.ciopera.com on July, 2021. The candidates chosen for the Final will be invited to perform at the Palais Garnier for a whole show with orchestra. 

Candidates may not be rejected on any ideological, political, religious, or racial grounds.

The artistic direction won't comment on the applications. 


  1. The COMPETITION – Part II: “Final” 2022


Arrival in Paris (pick-up charge and welcome dinner): Sunday January 16th, 2022

Music and stage rehearsals: From Monday January 17th, 2022 to Saturday January 22nd, 2022

Dinner with Paris Opera Competition partners: to be specified

Dress rehearsal and Final with orchestra: Saturday January 22nd, 2022

Dinner: Saturday January 22nd, 2022



The music program will include opera arias and ensembles chosen among works from different periods and styles: classical (1750-1830), romantic (1830-1900), XXth century and contemporary music.

The arias will be sung from memory, in the original language and in the original key with orchestral accompaniment.

The choice of the arias for the competition including the eventual cuts and transpositions will be decided by the Artistic Direction in consultation with the artist and in accordance with the candidate’s repertoire.





The candidates perform with the Prométhée Orchestra conducted by Pierre-Michel Durand for a two-hour-show fully staged by Florence Alayrac. Each candidate sings one aria and a duet or trio then the final ensemble. After the show comes the jury session followed by the awards ceremony on stage.



The contestants’ expenses are fully paid for by PARIS OPERA COMPETITION including hotel, travel and perdiem for the duration of their stay.


The “flight form” must be filled in, signed and sent to the administration of PARIS OPERA COMPETITION by September 1st, 2021.

Once a return-ticket is bought and sent to a candidate by PARIS OPERA COMPETITION, any modification of plane or train ticket will be at the candidate’s expenses.



The candidates accommodation is fully organized and paid by PARIS OPERA COMPETITION.


Per Diem

Candidates are given a daily living expense – perdiem – of 40€ a day for the duration of their stay.



4 Prizes will be attributed, all type of voices combined, at the discretion of the Jury, except for the Audience Prize.

The amount ranges from 1 500 € to 10 000 €.

Finalists who won’t be awarded will receive an amount of 1 000€.



The judging panel will be a mixture of internationally recognized opera experts: Theater Directors, conductors, stage directors, music critics …

The Jury deliberation will be confidential and its decisions will be final and without appeal.

Each jury member gives a mark between 0 and 10 - 0 being the lowest and 10 the highest mark. The candidates are ranked according to the average of the marks. 

Any jury member linked to one of the candidates (relative, teacher, agent, colleague…) will abstain from voting for this candidate.

The Audience votes by SMS to select its favorite candidate at the end of the concert.

The President of the jury announces the final results. All the candidates have to be present for the Award ceremony on stage at the end of the concert. 





Right to image and sound

PARIS OPERA COMPETITION, or anyone acting for it, reserves the rights to take photographs, to film or reproduce on any existing medium, the presentations of the candidates during the whole duration of the competition.  The candidates must cede all rights to PARIS OPERA COMPETITION for a period of ten years.

By participating in the Competition, the candidates cede to the Competition the right to record, reproduce, arrange for the reproduction of, and distribute their performances in the Competition and at the concerts on any support and format, as well as the right to communicate their performances to the public by any communication means in France or abroad.



  The rehearsals taking place from January 18th to 22nd, 2021, it is required to be entirely available during that period. No late arrival for the first rehearsal and no other artistic commitment will be tolerated subject to exclusion of the candidate. All candidates finalists must attend to the dinner at the Palais Garnier after the Final, to the welcome dinner at their arrival in Paris and to the possible cocktail-dinner organized by PARIS OPERA COMPETITION’s official partner during the week.

Rehearsals are not public. PARIS OPERA COMPETITION reserves the right to itself to authorize the presence of a third party during these rehearsals.



The candidates finalists agree to attend to radio and TV interviews and to allow broadcast images of the Final and/or of rehearsals for the promotion of the Final.

The candidates authorize PARIS OPERA COMPETITION to create posters and programs with their image and certify that photographies are copyright free.

The 1st Prize winner of PARIS OPERA COMPETITION 7th edition commits to reserving one day (24h) within the 2 years after the Final to participate in a concert or recital to promote the Competition.



In case of indisposition, a candidate who cannot attend a rehearsal must imperatively warn the Competition’s administration as soon as possible.



PARIS OPERA COMPETITION reserves the right at any moment to cancel the competition for any reason beyond its control, without the participants having any cause to claim loss or damages.


In case of dispute, only the French version of these rules will be legally valid.

Participation in PARIS OPERA COMPETITION implies unreserved acceptance of the present rules.

The general conditions of the participation to the Competition will be sent to the candidates by e-mail to be returned once approved. A candidate who doesn’t respect one the conditions may be excluded from the Competition by the direction.




Dates, places and cities of auditions for preselected candidates


To be announced: live audition at the Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow

To be announced: live audition at Covent Garden, London

To be announced: live audition at the Dutch National Opera, Netherlands

To be announced: live audition at the Théâtre de la Tour Eiffel, Paris           

To be announced: live audition at the Teatro Real, Madrid

To be announced: live audition at the Metropolitan Opera, New York

To be announced: live audition at the Deutsche Oper, Berlin

To be announced: live audition at Santiago de Chile or Buenos Aires